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Who are Hollywood Motor Show?


Peter Stey comes out of a generation which has grown up looking at movies as Easy Rider. His passion for motorcycles and his adventurist behavior made him start at a soon age in the automotive world showing off his great skills dominating every kind of vehicles.

At the end of the 70’s he makes out of this hobby his job starting in the cinema and television business as a specialist. In 1976he starts his own show ‘the drivers of hell’, best in its category.

With the arrival of the new generation, which has earned the passion and skills of their father, David, Patrick and Cristopher change the original show and adapt it to the XXI century, named ‘Hollywood Motor Show’. It is a stunt show in which the motor passion is felt in real time making the audience shake with the sound of the engines and the professionalism of the drivers, which are able to combine the crazy mad max scenes with the elegance of vals of Strauss itself driving an industrial tractor, or to combine the American hip-hop with demolition derby before the complete destruction with the authentic American monster truck, competition machines are able to make destructive and spectacular jumps thanks to their Chevrolet engines up to 900bhp and their weight of 7000Kg.

Drifts, burn outs, freestyle, crashes and all other types of performances and special effects with 400tons of material just to satisfy the most expecting audience.

hollywood  motor show
SINCE 1976



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